The Start

One of the things that concerns me when I visit another region to ride a brevet is the starting procedure.

In St. Louis, our procedure is pretty simple.  You simply show up at the starting point, pay your registration fee, and ride.  I once contacted a Regional Brevet Administrator about a ride and asked about the starting location.  He simply replied that we started behind a certain gas station.  I thought I needed a little more information.

So in answer to your first question, we meet on the parking lot located at 301 North Second Street, Edwardsville, Illinois.  This parking lot is at the corner of E. College Street and North Second Street and is the parking area for the Madison County Courthouse.  You will see my truck parked on the lot.  During daylight, the starting location looks like this:


Just approach me and we will get you signed in and ready to ride.  I’ll be the guy sitting on the tailgate.  You must arrive at the start and sign in and least thirty minutes prior to the start of the ride.  I arrive at the starting location one hour prior to the ride.

There are no public restrooms available at the start location at 4:00 a.m.

What about a place to stay nearby?  Edwardsville has several newer hotels available at fairly reasonable prices.  I have reserved a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Edwardsville for the September 29, 2018, rides.  To reserve a room click here or you may call the hotel directly at (618)692-7255.  The block is called “Bike Brevets Randonneurs” and will be held until September 17, 2018.

Now that you know where you’re starting, you need to make sure that your bike is appropriately equipped to complete the brevet.  That will be the subject my next post.

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