March 16, 2019 – Brevet Update

Taking advantage of favorable weather, five riders started the 200k and seven riders started the 300k at 7:00 a.m. this morning. Their times at the control at 51.45 miles are as follows:

200k Riders

Robert Tesar 9:55 am

Emily Higgs 9:55 am

Will Purba 9:55 am

George Jarad 9:55 am

Jason Marshall 10:27 am

Above left to right Randy Anderson, Doug McKerran, Jason Marshall

300k Riders

Randy Anderson 10:15 am

David Mitchell 11:00 am

Doug McLerran 10:15 am

Kurt Hentz 11:00 am

Ted Tiberi 11:00 am

Marty Heyen 11:00 am

David Wiley 11:00 am

David Mitchell, Kurt Hentz, David Wiley, Marty Heyen and Ted Tiberi in Breese, Illinois

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