April 13, 2019 Report


Three riders completed the 200k on April 13, 2019.  They were Ed Carl, John Garrett and Scott Thompson.  Scott extended his streak of riding at least one brevet each year for the past fourteen years.

Six riders started the 400k on April 13, 2019, with an ominous weather forecast predicting wet and cold riding ahead.  The forecast proved to be accurate with parts of the course receiving rain of more than one inch.  Nevertheless, four current members of STL Randonneurs managed to finish.  They were Michael Billing, Jon Batek, David Mitchell and Jerry Cabeliza.

Two riders did not finish.  They deserve recognition for attempting a challenging ride.  Both Robert Tesar and Jeff Schmela both completed approximately 220 miles before wind, rain and cold stopped their rides.  Jeff was attempting to join STL Randonneurs.

Congratulations to all nine riders.

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