Cancellation of 2020 Brevets

All Brevets scheduled for the St. Louis Region have been cancelled for 2020. 

Effective today, I have resigned as Regional Brevet Administrator for the St. Louis, Missouri, region.

Randonneuring is a dangerous activity.  Anytime you share the road with automobiles and trucks, a cyclist is taking a chance.  This danger has increased significantly since I started riding brevets in 2006.  It used to be that the major concern was the intoxicated driver.  That has changed now that we have to be very concerned about distracted drivers.

Luckily we have not had any serious accidents during any of our rides since I have been the RBA.  But each year, our roads become a little less safe.  Each year they are just a little more dangerous so that we now have a situation in which I cannot sanction these events.

I have made many close friends through randonnuering and I regret that I cannot organize events in which riders can have the same unique experiences I have had during my rides.

Dennis N. Smith – March 2, 2020


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